Best Day Trip From Denver

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From the west end of Denver, planning fun, unforgettable CO trips is easy. With endless Rocky Mountain vistas just a short drive away, the best staycations invariably head straight for the area’s most riveting natural amenities.

For locals and visitors alike, planning the most epic day trips from Denver is often as easy as making tracks straight into the most alluring and iconic natural landmarks you can see from just about any city block. With ATV Tours Colorado, you won’t need to go far out of your comfort zone.

Welcome to Clear Creek County!

There’s an art to planning good day trips from Denver. No matter how far into the mountains you’re headed, it’s important to plan your route around the mountain towns along the threshold of the Colorado Rockies – or, as locals call it, the Eastern Slope (and it’s a big slope).

Clear Creek County, and Dumont particularly, features an ideal combination of easy-access, still-wild terrain. This is largely due to its position along the I-70W corridor, and Colorado tourism has also treated it well. Now, it has grown into a well-equipped local attraction and a one-stop shop for mountain adventures of all kinds.

At ATV Tours Colorado, right next to Clear Creek County’s most historic mining operations, you and your entourage will enjoy spinning your wheels through pine-scented forests without a care in the world. You might even forget the highway (and Denver itself!) are mere minutes away.

For the ideal Colorado trip, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Destination: Dumont, Colorado

With more than its fair share of adventure parks, rafting expeditions, and curated off-road adventures, it’s almost hard to believe such a hotspot of physical fun could exist off the beaten path. Again, it’s thanks to our ideal position: close enough for comfort and yet far from hidden away.

Instead, we occupy the sweet spot between city amenities and wilderness you’d expect from all the best CO trips.

Curated ATV/UTV Tours and Electric Bike Rentals in Dumont

The most exhilarating day trips Denver locals and visitors alike won’t soon forget depend on novelty. Off-roading attracts its fair share of attention and daydreaming, but few people experience the thrill of tearing through lush, evergreen terrain in a direct and visceral way.

ATV Tours Colorado makes getting acquainted with off-road motorsports in a safe and fun setting easy. Our experienced and dedicated trail guides/instructors give you their undivided attention as your group learns the ropes of safe ATV or UTV handling together. The learning experience itself often sows fertile grounds for the memories of a lifetime.

Once you’re comfortable handling the equipment, we treat you to a spirit-boosting tour along an Old West mining trail. Our guides take several breaks at the most picturesque outcroppings, so you can take visual mementos or simply take it all in.

We also provide durable,off-road-ready electric bike rental for self-guided explorations and greater agility across less groomed terrain.

Unforgettable Day Trips From Denver to Dumont with ATV Tours Colorado!

We prove every day that the most idyllic CO trips don’t necessarily require an Aspen ski lodge or heavy packs in the middle of nowhere. Right at the edge of the Colorado Rockies, we occupy a special place in Colorado, both in tourism and history.

What better way to experience it yourself than trying your hand at off-roading in a safe and user-friendly way alongside those who also hear the call for mountain adventure? Contact us and ask our guides how to plan the best Clear Creek County trip, or book a group ride along Dumont’s most iconic mining trail today!


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