Best Outdoor Activities in Colorado

Are you looking for thrilling outdoor adventures in Colorado? If so, look no further than ATV Tours Colorado! With the stunning Rocky Mountains as your backdrop, there’s no shortage of exciting activities to enjoy. Whether you avidly seek an adrenaline rush or are just beginning and looking for a new experience, Colorado has something for… Continue reading Best Outdoor Activities in Colorado

Best Time of Year for ATV/UTV Tours

One of the most beautiful qualities of Rocky Mountain National Park weather is its dynamism, and planning the best time to visit Colorado depends entirely on preference. Still, it’s good to know which season is best suited for your tastes, especially when planning an invigorating day out in nature’s playground! That’s how we approach our… Continue reading Best Time of Year for ATV/UTV Tours

ATV Riding Tips and Advice for Beginners

Before we take our guests out on our scenic Rocky Mountain mining trails, we teach all guests the most essential safety and riding tips. Above all, we want to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience by helping each new rider get comfortable handling an ATV. Riding four-wheelers is only somewhat like driving a car, and… Continue reading ATV Riding Tips and Advice for Beginners

Difference Between UTV and ATV

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While most people are familiar with all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), many have yet to hear of their brawnier cousin, the utility terrain vehicle (UTV). They both share many similarities, but a UTV opens up even greater off-road capacities while making it easier for larger groups to travel together with everything they need. Both can take you… Continue reading Difference Between UTV and ATV

Tips for Riding UTV’s & ATV’s in Snow

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Riding a UTV or ATV in snow raises the bar on both fun and safety. ATV Tours Colorado is honored to help riders of all ability levels improve their skills along the historical mining trails outside our patch of the glistening, snow-capped Colorado Rockies. Of course, the tips below will serve you just as well… Continue reading Tips for Riding UTV’s & ATV’s in Snow

Unique Winter Activities in Colorado

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Friends, families, and business associates alike thrive on togetherness and adventure, but not just any adventure will do. To bring your group dynamic to the next level, it’s important to hit the sweet spot between challenge and excitement. In fact, that’s why people from across the world gravitate to the Colorado Rockies, where unique and… Continue reading Unique Winter Activities in Colorado

Fun Family Activity Ideas

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Are you looking to get out and have fun with the family? How about really far out? As an intrepid group of fun-loving adventurers and a family-run operation ourselves, we have our thumb on the pulse of outdoor family activities in the wider Denver area. Whether you’re looking for a walking-speed getaway just outside of… Continue reading Fun Family Activity Ideas