Best Time of Year for ATV/UTV Tours

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One of the most beautiful qualities of Rocky Mountain National Park weather is its dynamism, and planning the best time to visit Colorado depends entirely on preference. Still, it’s good to know which season is best suited for your tastes, especially when planning an invigorating day out in nature’s playground!

That’s how we approach our ATV and UTV tours, where we take budding powersports enthusiasts out in nearly all kinds of weather. Read on to ensure you get the best of the four seasons Denver and the Colorado Rockies have to offer.

Best Time To Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

We get many questions surrounding the best time to visit Colorado for an unforgettable mountain adventure. Every year, month, and even week brings its own veritable climate, but there are still general guidelines you can depend on. Here, we break it down by season and weather.

Cold Season

A UTV in the snow

During winter, Rocky Mountain National Park weather is all it’s cracked up to be and more. While Denver, Golden, and the surrounding areas typically see snow leave as quickly as it comes, snowfall in the mountains is a different story.

Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Riding four-wheelers in the snow can be the best Rocky Mountain experience, especially with a crew. It’s much like riding in mud but with the added benefit of seeing a true marvel of natural beauty.

Note the Colorado Rockies’ cold season extends beyond the tail-ends of winter, but keep in mind that ATV Tours Colorado has little trouble maintaining operations during all but the most intense snow-ins.

Basically, if you can get here, we can take you riding!

Muddy Season

Especially for thrill-seekers and fellow mountaineers-at-heart, the muddy season can make for even better ATV/UTV riding! The machines are specifically built for all terrain, with enough traction to get through some of the softest mud puddles. In a group, you can rest assured that no one rider is likely to get stuck for long.

The muddy season is a blend of the spring/late fall rains and plenty of snowmelt, which occurs well into summer. The amount largely depends on the previous winter’s snowfall, but that’s pretty easy to determine.

Of course, you can expect to get a bit of that mud on you. You may want to bring a change of clothes (and a towel for the real die-hard adventurers!). We promise it’s worth it.

Dry Season

Not surprisingly, the peak of summer is also the driest season in the Colorado Rockies. As much as we’re known for epic ski slopes and massive snow dumps, Rocky Mountain National Park weather can get quite dry. That dry season often extends through early autumn as locals become even more eager for end-of-year precipitation.

For these reasons, many consider summer and early fall perfect for cruising outdoors with the windows down — or, better yet, no windows at all. This is prime time for a four-wheeler adventure, thanks to the clear weather and sturdy ground. Note the winter air is also quite dry, and in fact, you should bring plenty of water any time of year.

Rainy Season

As cliché as it is, the trope about Colorado’s weather is true: “If you don’t like it, just wait.” That goes especially for rainfall, which is somewhat oddly distributed throughout the year. Still, the regional Denver four seasons tend to bring the most rain when spring hits its stride.

Given the dry heat of summer, that just means the spring rains can be all the more invigorating during a day out on the trails. So when does spring start in Colorado? That would be mid-April (March, if you prefer slightly less), and the rains come earlier in the mountains than in Denver proper.

As far as rain specifically, we also receive a decent amount of slushy moisture at the tail end of fall. Don’t forget good rain gear and water-resistant footwear, and keep in mind that it’s possible to get sudden showers just about any time in the mountains.

Make Memories Year-Round with ATV/UTV Tours in Colorado with ATV Tours Colorado

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As many out-of-towners can attest, the best time to visit Colorado is essentially whenever the season suits you. Our vigilant tour guides always look ahead to know what weather to expect, but our best advice is to bring more weather-appropriate gear than you might think you need.

You can always contact us and get the most direct insights into the year’s weather. Because Denver’s four seasons are innately dynamic, you’re all but guaranteed an interesting mix of weather during your trip to the mountains — and with us, an unforgettable experience bonding with your own on a beginner-friendly ATV or UTV tour.