Unique Winter Activities in Colorado

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Friends, families, and business associates alike thrive on togetherness and adventure, but not just any adventure will do. To bring your group dynamic to the next level, it’s important to hit the sweet spot between challenge and excitement. In fact, that’s why people from across the world gravitate to the Colorado Rockies, where unique and invigorating experiences await virtually any time of the year.

At ATV Tours Colorado, we’ve put our entire focus into curating mind-expanding and heart-pumping off-road adventure packages. If you’re looking for things to do in Denver in winter, look no further than the heart and soul of the Rockies, just 30–40 minutes west of the Denver Metro area.


An Unforgettable Escape With ATV Tours Colorado

Just at the edge of the inner gateway of the mountains, we prove every day that the best things to do in Colorado in December aren’t limited to the ski slopes. Take your pick between the pinnacle in rugged but comfortable utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) or select one of our expertly maintained all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), built for high performance even in the winter.

Ultimate Off-Road UTV Tours in Colorado

Our UTVs offer comfortable seating for four and a decent amount of space for your belongings. They’re an excellent option for groups with young ones and those needing extra amenities with them as they traverse the former mining roads of Dumont, Colorado.

For two miles, we’ll conquer snow, ice, and ourselves while taking in scenic vistas and the awesome peace that only comes from braving the elements. You’ll be safe and secure with your loved ones, riding together and wondering aloud about the immense but ever-yielding terrain.

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ATV Adventure Tours in Colorado 

We maintain a large fleet of reliable Polaris ATVs, and our talented instructors have a knack for teaching even the most inexperienced guests. You’ll learn in no time how to ride like a pro, safely and confidently, on your own. Once ready, we’ll assemble and ride at a safe but adventurous pace, led by our knowledgeable and capable tour guides. Along the way, we’ll direct your attention to various points of interest and reveal many of the profound historical events that made Colorado such an indispensable part of the West, just as it is today.

How to Prepare for Your Winter UTV and ATV Tour

Denver, in winter, has a unique weather dynamic. It’s not uncommon to experience sub-zero temperatures interspersed with stretches of brisk and sunny days, regardless of how much snow is on the ground. In the days leading up to your trip, you’ll no doubt want to watch the weather, but please prepare with maximum winter gear, including:

  • Tall snow boots
  • Warm winter jacket or coat
  • Thick gloves with decent dexterity
  • Sunglasses or goggles
  • Neck and face coverings
  • Thick, weather-resistant pants

Note that we provide a DOT-rated helmet and recommend choosing a hat accordingly (i.e., made from thinner but denser material).

Other items you and your crew might want include water bottles, cameras or phones, and a thermos. Because Denver in winter lacks the most beneficial portion of the UV spectrum, sunscreen might also be good.

Why Choose ATV Tours Colorado for Your Winter Adventure?

There are many things to do in Denver in winter, and off-roading is a thrill nearly anyone can experience safely and comfortably throughout the year. If you’re feeling something of a city-wide cabin fever and find yourself longing for something new, ATV Tours Colorado is the perfect antidote.

Escape the Ordinary and Embark on UTV and ATV Tours in Colorado

It can be hard to find things to do in Denver in winter, especially if you don’t know your way around outside of the city limits – but as locals know, winter in Colorado simply means playtime.

Novelty is essential to a memorable and inspiring experience, and learning how to handle an off-road vehicle is an excellent skill to acquire. If you’re looking for new vistas with your most important people, look no further than ATV Tours Colorado. Our unparalleled Denver winter activities will put a smile on your face and make for unforgettable memories in your next scrapbook.

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