Fun Family Activity Ideas

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Are you looking to get out and have fun with the family? How about really far out?

As an intrepid group of fun-loving adventurers and a family-run operation ourselves, we have our thumb on the pulse of outdoor family activities in the wider Denver area. Whether you’re looking for a walking-speed getaway just outside of town, a bustling carnival atmosphere, or something a little off the beaten track, we’re confident you’ll find something suitable for all ages just a stone’s throw away.

Transport Back to the Old West at the Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum

Nothing puts life in perspective like marveling at the feats of a true Colorado icon. In his time bringing the West to the masses with his famous Wild West show, Buffalo Bill came to love the Colorado landscape and Lookout Mountain in particular. That’s why he chose to be buried there, and when you see the view from yourself, we think you’ll see why.

The Buffalo Bill Museum offers a glimpse of the exciting times that passed. If it sets your or your youngsters’ hearts alight, the same spirit for adventure may just live on in some form or fashion.

Explore the Thrilling Rides at Lakeside Amusement Park

Feeling the need for speed – but hoping to share your love of thrills at a pace the whole family can enjoy? Then if you haven’t yet visited Lakeside Amusement Park, you’re missing out. It features a generous assortment of low- and medium-intensity rides, and it’s the perfect way to give the kids a little boost of adrenaline and courage!

Take the family on the bumper cars, have a good-natured competition at the carnival games, or watch the little ones enjoy the mini train. There’s also no shortage of heart-thumping classics for the big kids, like the tilt-a-whirl and the historic cyclone rollercoaster (which we recommend taking after sundown, so you can enjoy the park in its full neon regalia).

Explore Scenic Trails on an ATV Tour

For something a bit in between the two, how about an off-roading adventure? ATV Tours Colorado is the perfect way to reinvigorate your family activities and see the great outdoors like never before. It’s equal parts sightseeing, off-roading fun, and a unique bit of history Buffalo Bill himself would approve of.

Our ATV tour offers something for everyone. After receiving expert training and DOT-approved safety equipment, You’ll each have a personal ATV rental (with dual-riding capacity for the young’uns). Next, an experienced ATV guide will lead your crew through an awe-inspiring exploration of the Rocky Mountain landscape at a thrilling yet steady pace.

Navigating the old Silver City mining trail, we’ll make several planned stopovers for a breathtaking look at the Continental Divide, Mount Evans, and what’s left of the mining town that forged the very trails we’re on. We’ve also taken strides to set a comfortably invigorating speed that’s enough to delight all ages. Unlike any other fun family activity, it’s a surefire way to enjoy an unforgettable outdoor adventure with the people you love most.

Discover the Thrill of Off-Roading with ATV Tours Colorado!

Located only 30 miles west of Denver, take the adventure Buffalo Bill would if he could! ATV Tours Colorado is one of the most novel outdoor family activities in the Rocky Mountain area just beyond the metro region.

While it may be a short drive away, it somehow feels like you’ve been transported to bygone times (albeit in comfort and style). At the same time, it’s the prime opportunity to write a short chapter of your family’s own history – all together under the big, open sky.

If you’re looking for something novel that the whole family can enjoy, contact us or book a ride today!