Tips for Riding UTV’s & ATV’s in Snow

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Riding a UTV or ATV in snow raises the bar on both fun and safety. ATV Tours Colorado is honored to help riders of all ability levels improve their skills along the historical mining trails outside our patch of the glistening, snow-capped Colorado Rockies. Of course, the tips below will serve you just as well in conquering your own off-road winter terrain in your neck of the woods.

In fact, they’re essential. Read on for the most important tips for snow riding and take your UTV/ATV abilities to the next level.

Tips to Ride a UTV in the Snow

Each of the following tips is essential for safely riding any four-wheeler in snow. We recommend taking your time and focusing on each tip until it becomes second nature. Above all, exercise greater caution than you think necessary as your confidence and experience levels steadily increase.

  • Traction is key—Riding an ATV or UTV in snow can be counterintuitive. What begins as crunchy, traction-improving conditions might give way to ice at any given moment. While experience is primary, it’s enormously helpful to learn under the watchful eye of an expert who can provide timely tips and tricks for reading winter environments and snow types and conditions.
  • Maintain a steady pace—Go much slower than you think you need at first, and don’t “gun it” unless there’s a specific advantage to doing so. For example, going slow at the bottom of the wrong hill could reduce safety – but don’t exceed that narrow sweet spot, and remember that higher speeds minimize handling.
  • Prepare for the unexpected—In the winter, any off-roading trouble will be automatically amplified. If you have your pick of four-wheelers, choose one with extra cargo room so you can take more supplies. Bring food to keep your metabolism up, hot drinks, and emergency equipment (e.g., space blankets, walkie-talkies, etc.) in case anything goes wrong.
  • Keep yourself warm—We’re sure we don’t have to drill this point down, but in the interest of safety, it bears repeating: always dress up for the weather, knowing you can take layers off as needed. It’s also a good idea to secure your winter gear with zippered pockets and straps.
  • Use low gear—In any lower-traction terrain, you never know when your tires might lose their grip – and in the snow, that could leave you getting stuck until help arrives. It’s important to shift down slightly before you need it, which can be hard to get used to. As with all these tips, patience and consistency is key.
  • Never ride alone—Riding in a group dramatically increases your safety, and it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes (and hands). At the very least, always let your loved ones know where you’re going and when you plan to return. Also, keep communication devices handy, even if you won’t have service 100% of the time.

At our premium, expert-led ATV/ATV tours, ATV Tours Colorado takes parties into the heart of the snowy Rockies. It’s the perfect way to experience riding an ATV in snow and polish your riding abilities in the company of expert off-road tour guides deeply familiar with the terrain. Consider it the keystone winter riding tip for the most serious riders, hobbyists/beginners alike!

Discover the Beauty of Winter Landscapes With ATV Tours Colorado

For the truly adventurous, ATV Tours Colorado maintains operations throughout the winter. In fact, many in our budding community of trail riders place a premium on winter riding, especially considering the unparalleled beauty of the Colorado Rockies in winter.

Contact us for more information about our safe and enlivening winter tours, or book a ride with your entourage today. Together, we make riding a UTV or ATV in snow easy and fun, with just the right amount of challenge to ensure you walk away feeling a greater command of winter off-roading sports.


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